We're two friends who believe in letting other people's stories be heard. Feel free to submit a life story/lesson or anything of the sort and we'd love to take a look at it!

Hello, friends! Haylee and I have some very exciting news! Starting on April 26th, we’re beginning our first leg of the journey! The above locations are places we plan on going to in the near future (even if briefly), and if anyone interested in being apart of our project is near/in these locations, we would love to talk to you if possible! We don’t have exact dates for everything yet, but you can find approximate dates below.

If this is your first time hearing about this project, you can click here to learn what it’s all about.

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April 26th - New Orleans on Orleans Block Party* - Beaumont, TX

May 2nd - Travel Day! - Little Rock, AR > Springfield, MO > Kansas City, MO

May 3rd - Jocelyn @ Blue Moose Tap House* - Iowa City, IA

* These dates are confirmed. 



Hey guys! This is Haylee from The Enlightenment Expedition & I wanted to tell everyone about our project.

To sum it up, my friend April & I will be traveling to every single state in the U.S., meeting people, hearing their stories, and putting them into a book. It’s going to be kind of like a history book, but for people who aren’t famous. Essentially, the untold stories of the U.S. Such as the everyday battle of life. We want stories from homeless people, veterans, teenagers, people who have been married for a long period of time, artists, bands, shop owners, etc. Literally everyone we can talk to!

We already have a little bit of a route set up, and THAT’S WHERE YOU GUYS COME IN. We want you to submit your stories, and your ideas on places you think we should visit on our trip. If you think there is someone we should meet along the way, let us know! This trip isn’t really about us, it’s about you guys. And don’t think just because you don’t live in the U.S. doesn’t mean we won’t accept your story. We will in fact have part of our book dedicated to submissions from all over the world. We would love it so much if you all could help us out, and let us hear your story. There will be more details about the trip on our blog when the time comes!

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your neighbor’s dog!! Thank you so much. 

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We will respond to absolutely everything.

Hello there, wide world! We assume that introductions should be in order for all of this, so let’s just dive right in. Our names are Haylee and April, and we’re what you would call expeditioners. Our goal is to travel all over the United States, and possibly other countries in the future to collect the lives of people, the unheard stories from people, and share them with the world. If you have any story about life or anything like that feel free to send them in the submit box, and if you have any other questions, or suggestions on cities we should visit, there’s also the ask box and if it’s super important more contact information can be found on our blog. We have big plans for this, and we’re going to need your help, so we hope you stick around long enough to be apart of this.